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"the headaches associated with self management were solved
​when they hired us as property managers." is a husband and wife team who have worked as professional real estate broker/agent and investor/managers for over twenty-two years.  We found that when it came to residential leasing and property management needs, customer service is one of the most important aspects of the property management industry.

Managing ours and other investors' properties over the years, we realized that we thoroughly enjoy this business, and we have heard over and over from our clients that

When you are ready to experience the
​way of business, contact us or give us a call at (270) 415-5730.

​When we put our daughter in school in Paducah, we began looking for a transitional rental for ourselves while we became familiar with the market. We found out quickly that our way of providing property management and leasing services is a valuable service we can offer in Paducah to investors and tenants.  So we applied what we had been practicing for twenty plus years, and the way of property management and leasing became a reality.

The basic proposition of our business is simple: we communicate. We can talk about being customer service oriented, we can talk about professionalism, and we can talk about experience.  But all of that falls to the side if we fail to communicate.

The bottom line is that we are in the business to create long lasting relationships.  We want to attract and retain clients who, after experiencing our way of doing business, will be excited to refer their friends and family. With, you will always be treated as a client and not a number.

We invite you to learn more about us. We can sit down with you and share our business philosophy, our marketing strategy, and our full complement of management related services. Contact us today!

(270) 415-5730

"Customer Service is one of the most important aspects
​of the property management industry."

Our team at works to provide you with Comfort in property management and leasing!

  • We are Committed to honesty in all business and personal practices.
  • We work to provide equal Opportunity to all persons.
  • We strive to properly Maintain properties and relationships with clients and tenants.
  • We strive to strictly adhere to Fair Housing.
  • We continually focus to provide Outstanding service to all.
  • We Respect the needs of our customers, clients and vendors.
  • We adhere to the principles of Timeliness in our daily duties to clients and customers.
  • Call us to talk about how we can help you.